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Castle Rock Flood Damage After A Storm

9/2/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Castle Rock Flood Damage After A Storm SERVPRO Restores Water Damaged Furnishings in Castle Rock

Storm and Flood Damaged Articles Are Inspected by SERVPRO

Cleaning up after a storm is never a simple task. Homeowners and residents in Castle Rock have to make tough decisions about throwing out what was once a family heirloom, but now is a pile of broken wood or twisted metal.

Making these and other decisions after flood damage to a Castle Rock home is difficult, but a trained and experienced restoration company can help. SERVPRO helps make those decisions by providing an honest assessment of a property item’s condition, an estimate of what it costs to restore a damaged item to its original state or if an owner needs to dispose of it and put their effort into what is salvageable.

We base these decisions on our experience with damaged property and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines. Take a dining room set as an example. If the storm water ruined the finish on the legs, then the time to remove and refinish the legs to match the original shade and color is worth the time and supplies.

If the same table and chairs are under water long enough for the wood to begin warping, the cost to restore them usually exceeds replacing the items. If an insurance company is involved, then there is a predetermined amount to replace, and that is what gets processed. If the dining room set has been passed down through several generations, and the owner still wishes to attempt restoration, we can try. The final say if a questionable belonging is to be tossed or salvaged is yours and your insurance adjuster. Our SERVPRO technicians use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the legs and reverse the warping effects carefully. Once we have them back as close to their original shape as possible, we strip the last of the old finish. If needed, we sand down obvious defects to match the original shape and then apply a new finish to complete the job.

Our personnel is trained to IICRC standards when it comes to restoring your property. In those circumstances where the insurance company does not authorize the restoration of an item, preferring to replace it at a lower cost, it is our personal history with disasters in Colorado that allows us to examine tables, chairs, and appliances to determine what is worth saving. If you need our services, contact SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker at (720) 842-1950 today.

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Water Damage in Parker Homes can Create Additional Problems for Residents

8/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage in Parker Homes can Create Additional Problems for Residents Lyophilization to Dry Documents or Water Extraction to Dry Your Parker Home--Call the Pros from SERVPRO

Removal and Dehumidifying Reduce Destructive Water Intrusions in Parker Properties

Some forms of damage that a Parker home can experience can show suddenly, or slowly, over time. Both types need to be repaired as quickly as possible because existing damage can spread to other areas and also increase in severity.

Whenever Parker residents notice water damage, keeping in mind the possibility that some of these damaged areas to remain hidden and undiscovered can help keep expensive repairs to a minimum. Also, because damage in unrestored areas continues to degrade, repairs are highly likely to become increasingly more expensive as time passes. Professionals like those at SERVPRO know how to restore a damaged home, saving homeowners money, time, and grief because when a home suffers damage, the personal belongings of the homeowner's family are also often affected.
Water can create problems in any material it penetrates, and those items that are the most absorbent are the most harshly affected. Paper exists in different forms throughout a home, from drywall covers to books to crucial documents. Once wet, books and other paper items need to be dried by special processes. Lyophilization is one of these methods. While this approach obtains excellent results for smaller items, it is not possible for larger areas, such as walls and ceilings.
When saturation happens to the interior of a home, SERVPRO technicians implement standard IICRC procedures. With the use of fans, dehumidifiers, air blowers, and heaters, as needed, speeding up the evaporation process while removing the increased humidity from the air coincides. If carpets have recently become damaged by water, they can often be saved if restorative action is taken immediately after the incident.
Our IICRC training provides us with the needed insight to know which process is best suited for each damaging water issue. Knowledge is the basis for our extensive experience and skills, and we put these to work for each of our customers.
There are many ways that water damage can take place in a home. If one of these happens to your home, call SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker immediately. We are always Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we can be reached at any time, day or night, at (720) 842-1950.

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Make The Most Of Professional Mold Damage Remediation In Parker

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Make The Most Of Professional Mold Damage Remediation In Parker Mold Breeds in Parker Mudrooms Not Properly Dried--SERVPRO Tip

SERVPRO Tips to Keep Mold Out of Your Parker Mudroom and More

Mold growth in your home really gets your attention. You worry about what it means for the health of your family. You find it hard not to feel like a bad housekeeper, frustrating if you clean regularly. You stress over how to get rid of it but are fearful of touching it or breathing near it. Although all of the above reactions are understandable, a more constructive response is to contact us to schedule an evaluation with our mold remediation team.
The smell was the first hint you had mold damage in your Parker home. Nothing rids the mud room area of your house of the stink for long. Cleaning, throwing away old boots and shoes, and air fresheners made no lasting dent in the smell. A family friend recommended you give us a call, and we got right to work solving the odor mystery.
Mold needs only a few things to begin growing, multiplying quickly from a minor annoyance to become a real problem. Spores are always present indoors and out, but cause damage only when water activates their growth. The microbial colony that results requires nourishment from an organic source, usually some form of cellulose. This can be the surface it lies on, such as wood, drywall or paper. Non-organic surfaces like tile often feed mold with even tiny bits of carbon-based materials, like soap scum, food particles, or skin cells.
SERVPRO mold remediation specialists also advise that no reputable removal company guarantees that their services render your home mold free. Instead, we carefully follow EPA protocols to manage the current mold growth. You show us the visible mold, or we investigate a smell or staining. Mold in a space like your mudroom is likely behind a cabinet or between walls, a place where damp footwear and coats-moistened building materials that sheltered the mold growth out of sight. Moisture meters help us find the wet spots, and discovery of the fungus follows.
Once we locate the mold, we contain it, remove it, and sanitize the area. SERVPRO mold remediation teams then evaluate how moisture started the lifecycle and eliminate the source. Spacing freestanding storage units away from the wall or using a fan or dehumidifier to reduce the humidity helps. Draining boot and shoe storage trays and hanging up wet coats, winter parkas, and rain gear to dry are good ideas, as well. Understanding that mold grows within 24 to 48 hours of water infiltration explains how wet, muddy outerwear tossed in a corner for just a day or two creates the perfect environment for a mold outbreak.
SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker has answers for your mold questions. Call us at (720) 842-1950 to start mold remediation rolling.

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SERVPRO Restores Castle Rock Candle Fire Damage

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Restores Castle Rock Candle Fire Damage Damage from Fires in Your Castle Rock Home Get Restoration Help from SERVPRO

Damage Cleanup from Fire and Smoke Odors Get Professional Help

Candles offer a lovely ambiance to your home, but their small but significant flames can also cause serious damage. Unattended candles are a common cause of Castle Rock residential fires,  requiring professional help after the fire department leaves. SERVPRO counts fire damage restoration as one of its core services, and we take pride in being an industry leader in its provision.
During a recent party, you decorated with a number of lit candles, one of which set ablaze draperies too close to the flame. Fire damage to your Castle Rock home is widespread as the fire smoldered for a time before being discovered. Both stories of your two level home have surfaces coated with soot, and the dining room also has chemical and water damage. We offer full-service restoration, able to handle harms done to your home by any of a broad range of causes.
Since the fire department used water to douse the flames after a fire extinguisher could not complete the job, the SERVPRO team first addresses the water damage. Removing the moisture before concentrating on the fire damage follows industry best practices according to the training our workers receive from Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification (IICRC) approved coursework. Water extraction and then drying of the premises, via air movers and dehumidifiers, complete and then the crew proceeds to clean up the ash, soot, and smoke damage.
SERVPRO workers use dry sponges and HEPA equipped vacuums for lighter fire debris, but smoldering fires often deposit a thicker, sticker residue. We utilize spray cleaners developed to remove tough coatings and may move on to abrasive techniques for really stubborn areas. It is important that the abrasive tools, cleaners, and methods be completed by experienced professionals to avoid harm to your property.
Although the curtains were ruined and need replacement, with SERVPRO on the job you count on nearly every other task being restorative. We focus on restoring rather than tear-outs and repairs and remodeling to limit the time your home is disrupted and to save on materials and other expenses. We work closely with your insurer throughout the process to ensure you receive no unpleasant surprises.
When an accident seems to destroy your lovely home, call SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker because we know how to restore fire damage “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (720) 842-1950 for an estimate in Parker, Castle Rock, and Castle Pines for a swift response to the harm done.

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Leave the Mold Remediation to Us

3/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Leave the Mold Remediation to Us A close up photo of microbial growth.

Finding mold in your home can be anywhere from an annoyance to a scary occurrence. People react differently, but one thing is for certain: most everyone wants to get rid of it. We've heard all sorts of do-it-yourself methods, such as painting over it, spraying bleach on it, or even removing the material if possible (ex: drywall or baseboard). The truth is that anytime it comes to dealing with mold remediation, you should always hire a professional and here's why: mold spores. Anytime you disturb any material containing mold, you could be releasing spores into the air. Our technicians are trained with special techniques to contain any spores that may be exposed in the air. They can also make sure that all mold spores are safely removed from the area and not spread to other areas in the home. When it comes to the air quality in your home, don't take any chances. Call the professionals at SERVPRO. 

Preventing Commercial Water Damage During Construction of Your New Business

3/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Preventing Commercial Water Damage During Construction of Your New Business Don't let water damage get your business down before opening day.

As a new business owner, the last thing you want is water damage during the construction of your business. However, it can happen if the proper procedures are not followed. Remember that SERVPRO is proud to serve our local business owners when the unexpected happens, but this article from The Hartford Insurance explains what can happen: 

 Common causes of water damage during construction include:

• Improper installation of weatherproofing, waterproofing and moisture barrier systems on the exterior skin of a building

• Poorly glued connections on plastic pipes or improperly sweated copper pipe connections

Supervisors should ensure that all weatherproofing/ waterproofing installations adhere to the building plans, manufacturers’ specifications, industry standards, and all relevant building codes. The WDPP (Water Damage Protection Plan) should include a quality control plan for plumbing connections and fittings such as marking each connection with a permanent marker. The plan should also include the fire sprinkler system. Worksite inspections should verify that:

• Water accumulations from rain and groundwater are not migrating into the building

• All door and window openings are covered at the end of each work shift and prior to inclement weather

• Water lines and mechanical equipment are protected from freezing

• Sprinkler or plumbing lines that are pressure tested with water are drained immediately following the test

• Standpipe valves are closed

• Roof drains are not blocked with leaves or debris

• Sink drains are not clogged

• Storage areas are dry and well ventilated

• Materials are raised off the floor by pallets for storage Controls

The WDPP (Water Detection Protection Plan) often outlines preventative measures to minimize the risk of water damage such as an administrative policy to shut off the domestic water supply during off-hours. Supervisory personnel should verify that no trades will be working during off-hours before shutting off the water supply. In addition, they must ensure that the domestic water line doesn’t provide water to any operating mechanical system that requires a constant water source. Other preventative procedures include:

• Providing a secondary power source (i.e. generator) when using sump pumps or other water pumping systems

• Testing sprinkler and plumbing systems with air pressure to identify system leaks before charging with water

• Sealing leading edges of roofing materials at the end of each day to prevent storm water from getting under an incomplete roofing membrane

• Providing heat during the winter in buildings with charged water lines or standpipes to protect from freezing

• Leaving a gap of at least 1/2” between the drywall and the floor to minimize water contact in the event floors become wet

Many leak detection systems are available to help prevent water damage. Many commercial water flow detection systems are completely non-intrusive (no cutting of pipe to install) and easy to program. Passive leak detectors monitor water flow and sound an alarm (local or connected to a centrally monitored system) when water starts to flow and the system is armed during off hours. Active leak detectors not only generate an alarm, but can also prevent water leaks by automatically shutting off the water supply. The WDPP can list the leak detection systems used on-site, identify supervisory personnel responsible for their use, and refer to the operating guidelines for each system.



3/23/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO STORM Team Response When disaster strikes, SERVPRO STORM Team mobilizes!

Every year, all over the country, catastrophic natural disasters wreak havoc on communities large and small.

Whether its turbulent blizzards, or torrid flooding, the effects of these colossal events can be felt across the nation.

In the midst of the chaos and stress caused by these happenings, it is easy for business and home owners to feel overwhelmed and lost.

SERVPRO strives to put our customers at ease, guiding them and supporting them through the STORM emergency process while providing education and knowledge on how to best navigate the situation. 

From the initial damage assessment, to communicating with your insurance adjuster, to final billing and processing, SERVPRO supports our clients by providing superior customer service.

SERVPRO happily responds to local and outside STORM events. Nationwide, SERVPRO franchises mobilize and act fast, traveling cross country to assist in disaster clean up in communities across the US and Canada.

SERVPRO works in conjunction with all insurance companies, and is part of the Preferred Service Provider program for many nationally recognized insurance organizations.

For our self-pay customers, SERVPRO offers reasonable, competitive pricing and payment options. We understand that STORM cleanup is an unexpected expense, and strive to make reasonably priced restoration accessible to all our customers.

So in the event that your home or business is involved in a STORM, you can rely on SERVPRO to turn a stressful situation into a manageable, professional experience.

What To Do in a Water Emergency

3/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage What To Do in a Water Emergency Before you start to row your boat, follow these tips and call us!

It happens when you least expect it.  You take the steps to the basement, and when your foot hits the floor, you step onto wet carpet. Yuck. You have no idea where the water is coming from, or how long it’s been there.

 But, after the initial shock and confusion, you may find yourself asking, “What do I do now?”. The following steps can help you navigate the process of managing a water loss in a quick, effective manor, reducing the amount of damage to your home, and keeping overall cost to you as low as possible.

Stopping The Source

Stopping the flow of water is the first step to getting on the right track. Shutting off the water to the appliance or area that is leaking is important to being able to fix the leak. If you are able, shut the water off to this area, or to the whole house if you are unsure of where the water is coming from.

Once the leak is identified, or even if you are unsure of the cause, calling a Licensed Plumber to identify and fix the problem is highly advisable. This ensures that the leak is fixed correctly, and/or that the appliance in question is properly repaired or replaced.

Keeping Damages to a Minimum

Once any amount of water has leaked into your home, there will be damage. However, you can keep this damage to a minimum by calling SERVPRO as soon as possible. The sooner we arrive, the sooner we can begin to clean up and minimize the damage, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Also, the less time the water spends saturating the materials in your home, the lower the likelihood is that your home will develop mold and microbial growth.


Water leaking into your home is never desirable. Sewage leaking into your home can be considered a nightmare, especially when it affects a large area or multiple levels in your house. Exposed Sewage can create a risk of mold and microbial growth, as well as illness for those in the home. Prompt clean up and neutralization of contaminates is the first priority.

When sewage backs up through drains or toilets, the first thing to do is call a Licensed Plumber, or your city Water and Sewer Provider. Finding the source, and ensuring that there is not another sewage loss in your home is key to preventing multiple mitigations from being needed, and ultimately keeps the cost to you to a minimum.


Once SERVPRO is on site, an initial assessment will be made of the damages and projected time needed to dry the structure. Also, an assessment will be made of the materials affected, and it will be determined if those materials can be dried, or will need to be removed.

If your contents, such as furniture, boxes, clothing, and decorative items cannot remain in place while drying, SERVPRO provides moving and pack out services for on site or off site storage while mitigation is taking place.

The average mitigation takes about 3 days, but could take less or more time depending on the level of saturation and the scale of the loss.

SERVPRO Technicians and Crew Chiefs use a variety of equipment and tools to ensure proper drying, included but not limited to Dehumidifiers, Air Mover Fans, and Non-Invasive Moisture Monitors.


After Mitigation

Once ensuring that your home has met dry standard, SERVPRO Crew Chiefs and Technicians will remove all equipment and remove any items brought into your home. If materials have been removed, SERVPRO will be happy to refer you to a Contractor for rebuild services.

If no rebuild is needed, you should be able to return to normal life in a clean dry home.



These steps can help guide you through the stressful time of water loss in your home.

Feel free to call SERVPRO at any times with questions about mitigation, water damage, or clean up services.

Water damage is never pleasant, but with SERVPRO you can assure a professional and quality cleanup.

The Reason You Need SERVPRO's Help After a Fire

3/3/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Reason You Need SERVPRO's Help After a Fire This is a before photo of a fire that we responded to in Franktown, CO. It may look like a disaster, but we have the tools to restore it.

The following was taken from the University of Missouri Extension's website. The author, Betty Feather, explains why it is better to call the professionals than to try to "do-it-yourself" after a fire. SERVPRO Castle Rock/Parker is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Removing smoke odor from household textiles

Smoke odor could remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless it is properly deodorized. Professional fire restorers and some dry cleaners use a deodorizing process that actually breaks up the smoke molecule to eliminate the odor. This deodorization process is called the ozone treatment. The ozone treatment produces an oxidizing agent that creates the same sweet smelling air associated with a rain storm. The ozone treatment can be done by a professional fire restorer at the home with an ozone generator. Sometimes household textiles are deodorized in an ozone room. If the process is done at home, clothing, upholstered furniture and other textile items are put under a tent while the ozone generator is operating. Clothing and other textile items should be deodorized before they are cleaned; otherwise, the smoke odor could be set in the fabric.

Household deodorizing products are temporary relief methods. Deodorizing with perfumes, aerosol sprays, and disinfectants generally only mask the smoke odor. The smoke odor will still remain after the spray or perfume evaporates. In addition, deodorizing sprays may interact with smoke odor and create an additional odor.

Removing smoke odor from the home

Smoke can enter and remain in and between the walls of the living space. If it is not properly removed, the smoke odor reoccurs from time to time, particularly during damp periods. Therefore, action should be taken to properly remove all smoke odors.

During a fire, the heat will expand pores in the walls and fill the pores with smoke. After the fire, the house cools, the pores close and trap the smoke odor. On warm days the pores will open and release the trapped smoke odor, which could settle on furnishings. Professional fire restorers can eliminate the smoke odor with a process called thermal fogging, which opens the pores in the walls and neutralizes the smoke odor. There is probably no process a home owner could use that would work as effectively as thermal fogging.

Household vents and ducts trap smoke odors. During a fire, smoke drifts through the ducts and becomes lodged on the sides. Since it may be impossible to clean the ducts; some professional fire restorers will use a chemical sealer to secure smoke permanently to the sides of the ducts. This procedure prevents smoke odors from drifting in the air at a later time.

If the attic has been insulated prior to the fire, it may be necessary to remove the insulation. Insulation cannot be cleaned; unfortunately, it will need to be replaced because insulation retains smoke odors.


Water Damage and Flooring

3/2/2017 (Permalink)

Often times when a large amount of water has spilled onto hard surface flooring, it can feel dry on the surface after it has been mopped up with towels. You may wonder why you would need to call SERVPRO. The answer lies below the surface of the flooring. Most flooring types are porous or semi-porous materials, which means that they can absorb and retain water. These would include carpet, non-glazed tile, concrete, and wood. The trapped moisture between the floor and subfloor needs to be extracted. Even flooring such as laminate (pergo) or linoleum can keep moisture trapped under the surface because the moisture cannot penetrate underlayments or vapor barriers associated with these types of flooring.The trapped moisture between the flooring and subfloor creates a perfect environment for mold growth. Because of this, it is always a good idea to have SERVPRO do a moisture check. We have specialized meters that can detect the invisible moisture your flooring may be holding. Based on the assessment and readings by a certified technician, we can formulate a drying plan tailored to your needs and prevent further damage. The quicker you act, the less damage there will be.