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What Landlords and Property Managers Should Know

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

General What Landlords and Property Managers Should Know Affected Wall

What Landlords and Property Managers Should Know

The number of houses and commercial buildings that are used for growing marijuana is increasing. As medical and recreational marijuana becomes legal in more states it also becomes legal to grow at home for certain people. Grow rooms are becoming more common & cause great damage and microbial growth if improperly built or operated.

How Can a Grow Operation Affect Your Property?

  • Mold growth from inadequate ventilation causing high levels of humidity
  • Incorrect wiring or overloaded circuits can result in a fire.
  • Poor quality electrical work may lower resale value.

Structural Damage

  • Holes for ventilation and electrical access
  • Wood rot
  • Rusted hollow columns
  • Damaged duct system from plant sap and high levels of humidity
  • Residual marijuana odor

Don’t Become The Victim

Should cannabis related issues arise after the lease has been signed and if there was no clause prohibiting it, you’ll need to rely on an anti-drug or crime policy that hopefully was included in the lease. A breach of the lease could be cause for eviction if the tenant doesn’t

comply after getting a written notice. If you did not include such a clause, it will be difficult to enforce your wishes during the term of the lease.


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Steady Precipitation can Lead to Indoor Flood Damage in Castle Rock

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Steady Precipitation can Lead to Indoor Flood Damage in Castle Rock Heavy rainfall during a storm can wreak havoc on your roof and send a lot of water into your home. When facing such a situation, contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Dry Out Your Property Regardless of How the Flooding Entered Your Home

Flooding from the outside world that affects your Castle Rock home with substantial damage does not always mean the ground became saturated. Persistent precipitation in the way of rainfall or snowfall can both cause flooding conditions inside a home.
Whenever a homeowner calls us about flood damage in Castle Rock, we understand how they feel. Their home just sustained enormous damage, and the feelings of loss can remain high for extended periods. We want to assure our customers that we can restore their home, so it becomes “Like it never even happened.”
Our employees receive training that results in their IICRC certification. Added to this, our extensive experience in mitigating flooded homes ensures that we know how to implement the latest in technological advances, allowing us to serve our customers and their families better.
When heavy, persistent precipitation damages your home and creates a flood inside, the effects can outweigh those of a traditional, over-the-ground type flooding event. Water streams downward when pouring down from a leaky roof or upper area of a damaged wall. Anything from the water's entry point to the ground can become a target. Once the water settles, it then spreads out.
If precipitation enters your home from the roof, your attic can sustain immense damage, as well. Your entire home needs extensive drying work to commence as soon as possible. Without it, secondary water damage can begin developing. It is not sufficient to only dry your living area when situations such as this occur.
While a top-to-bottom flood like this means the microbial factor differs from other floods, infestation by rodents or other pests in the attic can contaminate otherwise pathogen-free water. Sanitizing your home after any flood remains crucial toward protecting your home and family's health. Insulation easily becomes impacted, requiring removal. This occurs in both the attic and walls. Without removing waterlogged insulating material, microbial growth can proliferate, and moisture can continually create problems.
SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker wants to help your family recover from any flood damage and help prevent the further spread of damage in your home. Our 24-hour service is available every day of the year by calling our local number, (720) 842-1950.

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Proven Water Removal Services Residents of Parker Can Trust

12/7/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Proven Water Removal Services Residents of Parker Can Trust When standing water is more than two inches in depth, SERVPRO technicians use a submersible pump to extract the water.

SERVPRO Thoroughly Dries and Deodorizes Your Home after Water Damage

You need an immediate response when your Parker home suffers water damage. Inspection of your property is necessary before carrying out water removal to prevent further damage. After extracting the water, drying and deodorization processes follow. That is why we highly recommend working with a certified service provider to restore your property.

Water extraction is one of the first steps that our SERVPRO technicians use to do the water removal when attending to water disasters in Parker. We do this by using extractors - tools that can remove water and clean at the same time. The device has a vacuum system, a pump, and a heater. When removing water, it is only the vacuuming component that operates and all the three work together when we use them to do the cleaning.

SERVPRO technicians use portable extractors when removing water from areas with limited space. On the other hand, we use the powerful truck mounted extractors to remove large amounts of water from easily accessible areas. When the standing water is of substantial depth - 2 inches and above - a submersible pump may be used to do the removal.

When the humidity of the air rises, odor vapors move, and you can smell them. We identify the source of the smell as one of the restoration activities and do deodorization to address both the imagined and real odors. Deodorization agents neutralize the odors and reduce the probability of their reoccurrence.

The use of activated oxygen, wet fogging and dry fogging are the main types of deodorization that we use when restoring your property. The selected technique depends on the kind of odor that we are neutralizing. Our IICRC-certified restoration technicians use protective gear such as respirators when using chemical deodorants to prevent any possible health effects.

SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker attends to all mold, water, fire, and storm damage disasters. Discover the available options by calling us at (720) 842-1950 and get served by an industry leader.  

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Restoring What Matters Most After Fire Damage To Your Castle Rock Home

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring What Matters Most After Fire Damage To Your Castle Rock Home Castle Rock Properties and Fire Damage Means It Is Time to Call SERVPRO

Content Cleaning of Possessions Rank High with Fire & Smoke Cleanup

Negligence and distraction are not the only excuses for your Castle Rock home to suddenly and inexplicably catches fire. Regardless of the reason, many people do not have the option just to uproot and move to a new location. The only solution is to get the damaged areas of your house restored to how they looked before the fire ever happened.
The thoroughness of the fire damage restoration in your Castle Rock residence is partially dependent on the experience of the qualified restoration company that you choose to do the work. Our professional SERVPRO staff prides itself on how we treat our customers and the speed with which we can restore their damaged homes to a preloss condition whenever possible. For extreme structural damage, we partner or can offer suggestions for full-service construction companies.
A preloss condition is a goal for every structural component of the area affected by the fire, as well as the contents that occupy the space. Contents cleaning is something that many people are not aware that our SERVPRO team can do for them. Surprisingly, this often is done in the same way that the structural components and framework of your home are cleaned and restored, which can both save you money and help to preserve precious heirlooms and possessions that you believed were lost to the fire.
Content cleaning is a part of our complete restoration process that begins the moment that you give us a call with your emergency. Our experienced SERVPRO technicians make short work of assessing the damage both to the structure of your home and to the contents in the affected area. The assessment involves testing various cleaning methods on these contents to determine the best of the equipment and detergent combinations to use to remove residues, soot and other damages of this nature.
Be sure to relay to the professionals we send to your home which items that you value the most within the damage radius. Communication is a critical step in ensuring that nothing gets overlooked and that you are pleased with the restoration process as a whole.
There are no guarantees with restoring specific contents within the affected area of this fire, however. Damage can be too extensive for even the most elaborate of restoration efforts, and so it is best to council with the SERVPRO professionals sent to restore your home to determine which items can be brought to preloss conditions once more. Concerning insurance, the final say remains with you and your carrier.
Fires can happen to anyone. While you might not prepare for the damage they can do, we at SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker are always prepared. Give us a call anytime at (720) 842-1950.

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Unexpected Damage During Castle Rock Inn Remodeling

11/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Unexpected Damage During Castle Rock Inn Remodeling Our technicians help your Inn retain its historic charm as we focus on restoration rather than replacement after damage. Contact us today.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Dry Out Your Flooded Business

When your business takes the leap and decides to make major upgrades, you do not anticipate a water loss during the rehabbing work. Accidents do happen, and when they result in a significant water intrusion, all of the planned improvements may need to go on hold until the moisture is removed. Our crews and equipment are up to the challenge of fast and thorough water evacuation.
Our area is attractive to visitors who enjoy our many outdoor activities, shopping, and dining. Comfortable and well-maintained lodgings are a must to encourage continued visits, and the event spaces in local hotels are important to local residents, too, for weddings and parties. While remodeling your Inn, a pipe cut by a contractor necessitates immediate commercial water removal in Castle Rock to prevent a delay in the ongoing renovations. We have both the workers and the equipment to make this happen fast.
When power machinery is threatened by water intrusion and possible submersion, the responders must be certified in not only water removal but also safety. SERVPRO technicians are among the restoration industry’s most thoroughly trained workers and take all steps necessary to avoid any risk to the building, other contractors on site, and themselves as they take on the task of removing the standing water. Once it is clear that we have met all safety precautions, we begin to pump out and extract the water in the most efficient way possible.
Areas newly tiled or carpeted we assess carefully to ensure no moisture remains in the subflooring. Grout takes up to 72 hours to cure sufficiently to be sealed, so we may face dealing with areas where water absorbed through those lines. SERVPRO technicians are trained extensively in moisture measurement and monitoring, and use those skills to ascertain where residual water may hide and then we use our advanced training to get that water out of structures and fixtures.
Wet padding and carpets must be dried thoroughly to avoid secondary damage such as microbial growth or delamination. We work with your insurance carriers and perhaps those of your general contractor to determine how to manage the carpet drying. Sometimes removing and replacing the padding makes the most sense, as the materials in carpeting respond better than most underlays. If the padding remains, we make sure to use effective techniques such as weighted extraction wands and slow, repeated passes systematically over a series of smaller areas when extracting. SERVPRO crews are water removal experts and work as a team to ensure no area or layer of newly installed flooring goes untreated.
If a water loss threatens your commercial remodeling project, call (720) 842-1950 immediately. SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker awaits any emergency with well-prepared crews and tools, and water removal is one of our core services.

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Prevent Mold Damage When Storing Books In Castle Rock

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Prevent Mold Damage When Storing Books In Castle Rock Store Books Properly to Prevent Mold Damage in Your Castle Rock Home--Says SERVPRO

SERVPRO Helps Remediate and Salvage Mold Infested Books

Every Castle Rock book lover knows that their collection in precious. Not everyone realizes that books are at risk of fungal growth, especially when they are packed or stored away to make more room in the home, or before moving house. Mold thrives in the dark, damp environments, and many storage spots such as attics or basements fit that description. The fungus also needs a natural material to use as a food source – and paper is an ideal snack. SERVPRO recommends taking simple steps to protect your library from mold damage when packing or storing it.

Most book lovers in Castle Rock need to move or store their collection sometimes, and that is when books are most susceptible to mold damage. Thankfully, there are several easy things you can do to keep your library safe from fungal growth.
Always store books in a cool, dry place. Books can survive mold-free for far longer in a dry place because the fungus requires moisture to grow. Check out your proposed storage location and if it is damp, consider choosing another place. You might also use dehumidifiers to lower humidity in the air.
Clean your books before wrapping them. Books are easy to clean using a small firm-bristled brush, such as a paintbrush that you can purchase at any hardware store. Brush page edges and covers, and flick through the book to see if any individual pages need brushing. Do not use any damp cleaner or wipe with a damp cloth. SERVPRO can offer a freeze-drying and cleaning process in certain instances to remediate mold growth on pages or the pasted bindings.
Books that smell musty should be left to air dry for a while before being stored.
Do not pack books too tightly. Storing them too close together might contribute to ideal mold-growing conditions. Pack your favorite tomes in a rigid box that is strong enough to protect them from dents, bumps and bent covers. Place all the books carefully in the box either flat atop one another or standing side by side. Do not leave so much room that they could fall or get dented, but do not pack them too close together either. Ensure that air circulates adequately to prevent moisture buildup.
SERVPRO is on hand to help with any mold problems you have in your library. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the skill and equipment needed to remediate mold.

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For help with fungal growth in Perry Park, Greenland, West Creek and beyond, call SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker at (720) 842-1950 for assistance today.

The Mess that Flood Damage Leaves in Homes Across Castle Rock

10/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Mess that Flood Damage Leaves in Homes Across Castle Rock You can trust our SERVPRO team to restore your flood-damaged property "Like it never even happened."

When You're Left with A Castle Rock Flood Damage Mess, SERVPRO Can Help

Homes in the Castle Rock area experience weather-related problems year-round. Flooding, while mostly a Spring-time issue, can also become problematic at other times of the year such as winter. Soil cannot absorb snow that melts when a layer of ice exists between the two. 

When a home in Castle Rock takes on water from the outside, flood damage happens. This water can contain debris of all sizes, including microscopic pathogens. SERVPRO technicians, experienced in many types of disaster recovery efforts, quickly mitigate all of the damage.

You may see the ground floor as ruined and beyond recovery. We can restore your home's interior structure and your personal belongings as well. However, we must work quickly to protect the areas well above the flood line from becoming damaged.

Humidity inside a flooded home rises quickly, placing delicate items, such as books, photographs, and older paintings, at risk. An increase in moisture throughout your home can also make it possible for mold infestations to develop in otherwise undamaged places in your home.

Because flooding causes many different problems all at once, it may seem like an insurmountable task to overcome. At SERVPRO, we understand entirely this overwhelming feeling brought on by flooding, and our technicians provide the guidance many people need to get everything back in order again.

Quickly removing larger items brought into your home and lawn area by flood waters, we get the area ready for the steps involved in removing the water, drying out your home, and sanitizing everything. Flooding infiltrates your home with living pathogens but also with chemicals from roads and streets, lawn enhancements, and even sewage. We remove everything, from the solid waste and debris to the plethora of microorganisms to the chemicals mixed together, and restore your home and possessions, so everything once again becomes “Like it never even happened.”

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker hires dedicated personnel who make teamwork part of their job every time we restore a home. Working together ensures that our strengths and skills come together, so your home's disaster with flood damage quickly becomes a thing of the past. Contact us, 24/7 at (720) 842-1950 for our round-the-clock services.

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Lint Build-Up and Clogged Vents cause Preventable Fire Damage in The Pinery

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage  Lint Build-Up and Clogged Vents cause Preventable Fire Damage in The Pinery At SERVPRO, it is our goal to get rid of your fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Clogged up Vents Can Cause Fire Damage in Pinery Homes

Residents in The Pinery look forward to winter but know that their wardrobes need adequate preparation first. Getting everything ready for the winter includes removing clothing from storage areas in your home and then laundering everything before placing these items in their designated locations.

Homeowners in The Pinery can reduce the risk of fire damage in their laundry rooms with a few precautions. As clothing ages, the fibers break down, and threads detach, forming the basis of substantial lint. Fashion items today often sport severely stonewashed or stressed details. These things can increase the amount of fiber produced significantly.

At the beginning of the dryer's cycle, lint still retains moisture and easily attach to the inside of the dryer's vent. Blockages and accumulations of lint can become very hot as the dryer's cycle continues and then burst into flame. The fire then spread throughout your home.

SERVPRO provides services designed to keep your family's dryer vent system from becoming clogged. Starting at the back of the dryer, we ensure the entire length is lint-free. Cleaning the outside vent removes any debris built up by birds or other animals. While cleaning the ductwork, we check for the existence of any other problems. These problems include ducts that have longer lengths than necessary, holes or tears, pinched areas, rusted locations, among others.

The act of preventing dryer fires comes with many benefits. Lint-free ducts help clothes dry more quickly, reducing energy costs and time waiting for clothing. A more efficient appliance lasts longer with fewer repair costs, saving you additional money over the life of your dryer.

SERVPRO invests extensively in the training and development of our employees. Doing so builds our teams' strength, ensuring our customers receive the best services possible whenever they have an emergency in their home. We strive to provide customer satisfaction with each new opportunity where we can make every once-damaged home “Like it never even happened” again.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

For dryer fires and other situations involving fire damage, contacting SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker at our local number, (720) 842-1950, starts your home on the path to restoration. Available regardless of the hour, our services are always open to our community.

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Drying, Cleaning, and Water Damage Restoration Methods Used In Castle Rock

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Drying, Cleaning, and Water Damage Restoration Methods Used In Castle Rock We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to restore your water damage "Like it never even happened."

Are You Familiar with our SERVPRO Castle Rock Water Damage Services?

As you might imagine, it takes a lot to repair water damage found on your CastleRock property. A professional technician uses specific methods to address your situation because every situation is different and requires a unique approach.

After contacting your insurance company and making a call for help, you enter your Castle Rock area home to address water damage, with a professional leading the way. The technicians perform an inspection, checking for hazards and making a detailed list of professional services that can help return your home to a quality condition.

After explaining everything in detail, SERVPRO technicians get to work restoring your home. You may see an entire team on site, each performing different tasks designed to reach a specific goal. Among these are methods of repairing your walls and preventing mold growth that causes severe changes to your home’s living environment.

For SERVPRO technicians to repair your walls properly, we remove baseboard, drywall, and any insulation to prevent walls from sealing moisture inside. The amount of discarded materials depends on the amount of exposure and the condition of the materials used to build the wall. Drywall acts like a sponge, easily drawing water up, beyond the flood water level.

SERVPRO allows wood studs and sills to dry naturally, placing air moving equipment where needed and using microbial treatments to prevent mold growth. There is equipment available such as wall cavity fans, or attachments with tubing that make drying easier. Moisture meters are used to determine which drying method is the most efficient, often combining many methods to complete the job correctly.

Once everything is dry, technicians install new insulation, drywall, and baseboard, putting the finishing touches on to ensure your home returns to a quality condition. We offer full-service solutions and provide quality services that produce fantastic results.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker has IICRC-industry certified technicians available 24-hours a day to provide emergency response services for residents throughout the area. Whether you live in Parker, Tomah, or Westcreek, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, call today. (720) 842-1950

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Why We Talk About Mold Damage Remediation in Castle Rock Instead of Mold Removal

9/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why We Talk About Mold Damage Remediation in Castle Rock Instead of Mold Removal Mold spores can quickly multiply and leave the home facing an infestation. Contact SERVPRO for a quick investigation and action plan for remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Locate the Source of the Mold Infestation Before Remediating the Damage

No matter how new or how clean your home is, there is always a risk of mold damage. People often associate fungus with old, damp or dirty homes, but in fact, mold grows anywhere it has access to moisture or a food source. Any Castle Rock home is at risk of mold growth provided there is an organic food source for the mold to munch on, and enough moisture for the fungus to grow.
SERVPRO is on hand to deal with mold damage in Castle Rock homes. We train our technicians to IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards, so you have the security of knowing the team that comes to your home is trained and knowledgeable about mold remediation.
In our industry, we talk about mold remediation, not mold removal. In fact, a claim to completely remove mold is false, and it is best to steer clear of any company that makes such a claim.
Why is it impossible to remove mold? There are two main reasons.
First of all, mold spores are invisible to the naked eye. The black or green patches you see are mold colonies; the spores themselves are microscopic. It is impossible to find and remove every single mold spore, especially as the spores can travel throughout your home on clothes, boots, pets, or even through the HVAC system.
Second, mold spores are very resistant to factors such as temperature. Although mold cannot grow without a proper ambient temperature, very hot or cold temperatures do not kill it. The mold simply becomes dormant, so it can start growing again when the environment becomes more conducive to growth.
However, do not despair. Although it is not possible to completely eradicate mold, there are many ways to discourage mold growth and significantly reduce the risk of the fungus coming back. SERVPRO technicians set up containment around affected areas and use negative air machines to draw out the contaminated air and prevent spores spreading throughout your home. Next, we clean all visible mold growth. Finally, we work on reducing moisture so the fungus is starved of the moisture it needs, and thus cannot regrow.
For help tackling fungi in Tomah, Castle Pines, Perry Park, Westcreek and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Castle Rock / Parker at (720) 842-1950 today.

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